Wednesday Vignette – Cherries on the Mountain

Mt Fuji it isn’t, and I don’t think that the Japanese will be clamouring to enjoy Hanami under the first cherry blossoms  on one of my hell-strips, but to me the view across the valley is just as lovely on a bright, breezy morning.


We are looking North: the furthest blue hill that we are looking down on just to the right of the power-pole is the Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens.

If you are ever in the Blue Mountains, the Mt Tomah gardens are spectacular, and it is just a short trip to the magical garden village of Mt Wilson.

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Wednesday Vignette – Plaque and Jonquil

This plaque came from my old garden in inner-city Sydney.

Surrounded by 100 year old bricks, render and strict Victorian-era order, it worked well there….but in this garden….not quite so well.


Except for a month in spring….I rather like how the ruffles on the Jonquil reference the details of the garden plaque…perhaps I just haven’t found the right spot for the plaque yet.

It does, however have sentimental value. It came from a parapet atop the very first house I bought which, when I sold it, was to be raised for duplexes, so I salvaged some of the old architectural details and have kept this one ever since.

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Wednesday Vignette – Glistening Jewels

Muscari armeniacum remind me of jewels at the best of times, but it is even more pronounced after rain when they glisten in the gloom.


And, thanks to a sheltered micro-climate, these are in bloom well before any others in the garden….giving me a taste of spring even though it is still winter.

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Happy Gardening 🙂

Wednesday Vignette – Fire and Ice

On the weekend, I just finished planting out a little early-flowering Rhododendron when I got caught in yet another snow-fall (I think this is about the 15th this year, grrrr).

I really like the contrast between the fiery buds and the icy leaves, so I caught it with the i-phone.

The flowers are actually pale pink but the buds start out a deep carmine:


Sorry about the quality. The light was just terrible as the storm set in.

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Happy Gardening 🙂