Garden Plan

I thought I’d add an up-to-date garden plan showing what has already been done as well as what needs to be done and to give visitors a sense of where things are.

Click for a larger file:


As you can see, the garden block is an odd shape, particularly the South Western corner. Additionally, the paling fence on the eastern side (the dotted red line) that features in so many of the photos, isn’t actually the boundary line: there is an extra 10m/33′ or so to the east of the house. However, the land falls away quite sharply here and the ground takes a lot of strange undulations, which is why I suspect the fence was placed where it is. The property features a horrible collection of asbestos outbuildings, garages and sheds – most of which I have not shown or I have screened – and the bulk of these will be torn down in the coming years as finances permit.

Lastly, to round out the oddness of the block is an easement/private road at the front of the house (which is used by my neighbours to access their property) so a small line of shrubs and trees that fronts Railway Parade is also my property – although I can’t really do anything with it except remove the weeds and plant up a garden bed.

In terms of what has been done, all of the brown coloured beds have been dug and planted (there were no garden beds here at all) as well as the building of the rock retaining walls along the southern boundary. Most of the photos come from these beds.

Huge amounts of noxious weeds have been removed from the property.

Where possible, the woody ones have been chipped and composted, but I have still had to send 6 tonnes of green waste to the tip (mostly jasmine, ivy, blackberry, agapanthus and honeysuckle that won’t go through chipping machines), and I’m only 60% done with clearing!

In terms of what is yet to be done, all of the beds (marked in gold cross-hatching) need to be created – no small feat as it’s all by hand – and planted. The biggest changes will of course be the removal of the eastern paling fence which will return cohesiveness to the space as well as building numerous rock retaining walls and some gentle cutting and filling in the back yard to try and level out what is a fairly steep incline.

Lots of work to be done!

14 thoughts on “Garden Plan

  1. love your map, very professional looking Matt, I know what it is like to dig out and clear by hand so good luck, are there plants you can use as well? I am always amused when people say their garden was just soil when they arrived oh how wonderful that would be, the design looks like it will be very nice when finished, Frances

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    • My goodness…imagine the luxury of just having nothing but soil and a clean slate!!!! 🙂
      I’ve taken a lot of cuttings of plants I want to keep, but are too old (or in too poor a state) to move. Mostly though, the whole garden will be grown from tiny plugs and cuttings….so it will be a slow, but enjoyable process to establish the final product.


  2. Very impressed with your map! As an amateur garden designer, I tend to use pen and paper, but I love the effects you can achieve with CAD which I’ve never used. Have you more info about what you used here? I’d be so interested to know more!

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