WordPress Users Unable to Comment on Blogspot Blogs – a Fix?

I know that this issue has been around for some time (where WordPress users are unable to have their ID recognised or unable to get to the “I am not a Robot” option on BlogSpot sites), and there are a couple of workarounds for it, but I thought I’d share one of my own which has been working effortlessly for me for about 3 weeks and saving quite a bit annoyance.

From what I have observed, us WordPress users log in to the blogging world via Gravatar, which is supposed to be recognised as Open ID enabling us to easily comment on a BlogSpot site.

That’s the theory….

However, almost everyone has a Google account (for Gmail, Google calendar, Google+, YouTube etc), so, when you sign into a Google product, your web-cache stores that username and login across all active sessions and this seems to be causing the BlogSpot sites confusion in recognising our Gravatar login as it tries to reconcile the two separate logins. I could be wrong, but this is just my observation.

One workaround is to select your username and URL in the drop down list on a BlogSpot comment, but that too, doesn’t always achieve results and has often sent me on the “Anonymous/RailwayParade” or “You don’t own that Profile” loop trying to comment on my favourite, non-Wordpress sites.

An easier workaround for me is to simply open a different browser type when replying to a BlogSpot post.

For instance: if you normally use Internet Explorer as your default web browser to look at your blogfeeds via the Reader, open Google Chrome and type in the name of the BlogSpot site you wish to comment on (don’t try opening the WordPress Reader  or Gmail or Google accounts in the secondary web browser as you simply replicate the issue: you are just using this secondary web browser to visit one BlogSpot site at a time for the purpose of leaving a comment). You can then easily use your WordPress ID in the secondary browser to leave a comment.

I’ve only tried swapping between these two and safari, so cannot assume that it works on other web browsers. (Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari are supposedly the most popular anyway).

This post is not at all gardening related, but has worked for me, so I thought I’d share it with others.

The to do list

There are many things that need immediate attention before I move in!

With its pretty views out across the woods and hills beyond, this house was a bargain, but as the list below shows, most bargains require their fair share of work.

  • New Roof
  • New gutters
  • Replace support columns to the front porch. Currently the only thing holding up the roof is the rainspout!
  • Deal with the likelihood of asbestos in the external cladding materials (roofing and siding) 😦
  • Overhaul the hot water system
  • New bathroom
  • New kitchen
  • Get the gas connected to the house (there are no pipes)
  • Re-wire the electrics
  • Fix the back porch
  • Fix water damaged internal ceilings
  • Re-join the interior plasterboard/replace drywalls
  • Create a laundry
  • Remove water damaged carpet
  • Add built in cupboards for storage
  • Build a garage to replace rusty carport
  • Remove old tumble-down asbestos garden shed
  • New stair case to the front
  • New balustrades
  • Grade the driveway so a car can actually use it
  • Fix the gate to the carport
  • Add new siding and joinery
  • Insulate the roof
  • Add a fireplace and ducted heating/cooling

Luckily the cottage is small. It is only approx. 1100 square foot internally which makes all of the work manageable, but with a budget of only $70,000 this will still be a challenge!