I’m a gardener and frustrated architect looking to carve out my own piece of paradise from a recently purchased run down, ex-rental property on the mountainous outskirts of Sydney NSW.

Hopefully I’ll share some tips and inspire others along the way.

My style is fairly unstructured when it comes to making my own garden.

I try to experiment with plants and designs. I use few, if any, chemicals. I believe that for most of us in the temperate world, your own garden can provide you with all of the nutrients and pest controls that you need for a healthy and balanced garden, whether it is to supplement the kitchen table or just as an exercise in beauty.




  • 980m² (¼ acre)
  • Sloping site
  • Rocky, shallow sandstone/shale soils which are slightly acidic
  • US Hardiness Zone 8 with cool summers (January is the hottest month with an 18C/64F average), cool winters (July is the coldest month with a 5C/41F average) and high rainfall.
  • The climate is somewhat similar to the South of England/Pacific Northwest of the USA

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Well it is nice to have a fellow Aussie follower. Ballarat is quite a bit different from Sydney but if you are up in the hills you will get cold winters and hot summers just like here. And the weather is changing in spite of Tony D’Nyer.


  2. I look forward to seeing more of your garden as you create:-) “carving out your piece of paradise” in an unstructured way with a “run-down” place that needs some TLC in zone 8-what a great place for a garden! I have no doubt this will be a beautiful garden—inspiring!

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  3. I am trying to carve my place in this world, starting with my garden. I’ve been growing organically and have had a lot of success. I compost almost everything. I have terrible clay to work with. Looking forward to reading more from you. I’m sure I have a lot more to learn! Your photos are very nice. Best wishes, Koko❀

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    • Thanks – there’s always more to learn…that’s part of the joy 🙂 Growing organically is so much easier than many people believe – most of the remedies were around in our great-grandparents/grandparents time, so it is a case of following conventional wisdom 🙂

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