Happy Coincidence

With the exception of the foundation beds adjacent to the house, I am unfussed about ephemeral flower colour combinations in my own garden. So, I usually just buy a ‘mixed bag’ of seeds or bulbs and enjoy the results, whatever they are….

So it’s nice to see these two matchy-matchy combinations:


Above: the cool blush of an apple-blossom coloured Rununculus and, well, apple blossom (which belongs to a dwarf Malus domestica ‘Pink Lady’).

Below: an equally matchy-matchy hot combo of mixed Papaver nudicaule and an Exbury-Mollis Azalea ‘Arneson Flame’


Happy Gardening 🙂


21 thoughts on “Happy Coincidence

  1. Don’t you love it when the stars align and fabulous just happens? Love the red combo! I’m the complete opposite, and is a mega control freak when it comes to color. For me, vignette-making and putting it all together is the funnest part of gardening. In my case, it’s where Zen happens. 🙂

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    • My next door neighbour used to grow ‘ballerina’ apples in her Erskineville garden – there are a couple of varieties that don’t need much chill, but even then, some years were hit and miss and a warm winter would cause the apples to be small and sour…but every other year you can get lucky!

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  2. Those are some “couldn’t do it better if you tried” combinations, Matt! Nature is definitely on your side this time 😉 I find I’m ending up with an awful lot of matching (or otherwise) red tones — rather bright ones, mostly — and I blame the hummingbirds. I often can’t resist a plant said to attract them, and their taste mostly goes for bright red. Results according…

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