Wednesday Vignette – A Tough Day at the Office



And less than a minute from home. It’s a tough life.

Linking in with Anna at Flutter and Hum. Do check out her blog for other bloggers vignettes from around the world.

Happy Gardening 🙂


50 thoughts on “Wednesday Vignette – A Tough Day at the Office

    • Thanks Judy, the gorges in the Blue Mountains (this one is part of the Jamison Valley Gorge) are actually on the same scale as the grand canyon in the US…only not quite as dramatic as they are covered in trees 🙂

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    • It’s an old garden that I am remodelling. It is absolutely spectacular, but a precipitous 1/2 acre without any access for machinery and there aren’t many people who know how to do things the old way anymore…


      • Been there, done that! be careful – I had a garden like this and one of the subcontractors lost his Bobcat over the hill after a soaking rain. It was eventually pulled out and replaced by a team of professionals with shovels.

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      • Oh yes. Safety is paramount on this one. There’s no machinery that can get access to the site…even a standard wheelbarrow can’t fit through the steps and paths…it is has been tough going trying to find any sub-contractors who can actually work with their hands: the young ones refuse or look petrified, so it is us oldies doing it all…it must be quite funny to watch!


      • That’s quite a step from tennis court to stone walls! This one is going to have a swimming pool suspended from sky-hooks, so it should be completely straight-forward 🙂


  1. That is glorious, Matt! I’ve been glad to live on the flat here, but if one had to live on a hillside that would certainly be the view to have…!! Good thing they found someone that could open it up a bit 😉

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    • Thanks Amy – the terraces are mostly what need attention – those gum trees are actually growing on the other side of the property (they are probably 160′ tall) – shows how steep the drop is!


      • Oh yes. The soil is rubbish and thin. But the Eucalyptus cope regardless. When the English first settled Australia they thought that because the trees were so tall and abundant that the soil must be incredibly fertile. How wrong they were, and they very nearly starved!


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