Wednesday Vignette – Cherries on the Mountain

Mt Fuji it isn’t, and I don’t think that the Japanese will be clamouring to enjoy Hanami under the first cherry blossoms  on one of my hell-strips, but to me the view across the valley is just as lovely on a bright, breezy morning.


We are looking North: the furthest blue hill that we are looking down on just to the right of the power-pole is the Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens.

If you are ever in the Blue Mountains, the Mt Tomah gardens are spectacular, and it is just a short trip to the magical garden village of Mt Wilson.

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37 thoughts on “Wednesday Vignette – Cherries on the Mountain

  1. I can one hundred percent vouch for Mount Tomah Botanic gardens being stunning! I absolutely adore them. In fact my blog post on them was so positive that my article was found and reprinted in two Blue Mountains newspapers! I was also lucky enough to visit the magical Mount Wilson on Sunday. What a lovely part of the world you live in.

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    • It is a beautiful area, that’s for sure! I didn’t know you wrote about the Mt Tomah gardens (I just found it though).
      I love how they have blended the Southern Hemisphere plants on that steep embankment – it’s quite inspired and something I plan to borrow for my own bushland part of the garden


  2. Beautiful! I would love to visit the places you mention. I arrived home last night from London to find a nip in the air and a slight tinge of yellow in the leaves. I think your spring must be a bit ahead of our autumn. But the change of seasons is exhilarating! I’m glad for both of us:-)

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  3. What a wonderful view, Matt! I can’t imagine living so close to a Botanical Garden – I would get nothing done! (Not that I get much done anyway, it seems, but that’s besides the point!) You have a stellar opportunity for borrowed landscape, which I’m sure you are taking full advantage of. 🙂

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  4. Nice view! I love looking at this sunny picture of spring while it’s chilly and wet fall outside my windows. Have you done a post about Mt. Tomah Gardens? I’d love to see it now that you’ve got me curious.

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    • Thanks Evan! I’ve only been to the garden once and my camera battery died about 3 shots in! Which wasn’t too bad, as I got to have a beautiful day anyway – especially seeing the grove of Wollemi Pines and tree ferns. It’s really spectacular


  5. Spring and autumn are the very best seasons in Australia. One waking everything up and one where everything is going to sleep. We won’t talk about the other two seasons. They have been reprobated of late and I am guessing, that they will do it again. Our cherry is just coming into blossom now. Ever since we fenced off the small sad “orchard” that was once just outside the house fence and allowed Earl the wonder dog to patrol at will, there has been a lot less fruity predation going on. If we had another Earl who patrolled when the first Earl was upside down snoring on the bed we would be in with a chance to get the odd cherry this year 😉

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      • There was an apple tree (long dead) when we moved in that the possums had predated to death. They strip the roses of leaves here and we have sticks with flowers on. Roses are tough and refuse to die where apples put their hands up early on in the piece. An apple must have dropped off this long dead tree and rolled into the garden where it grew. It must have been predated to the ground for a year or so until we closed off the area and made it open to Earl the wonderdog. We noticed it growing and put some wire around the outside of it. There are blackberries growing up the wire. The apple tree is safe! (for now…)

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    • It’s a lovely botanic garden – even though it is only 10mi away (as the crow flies) it still takes over an hour to drive as you have to follow ridges to get there. But it has a wonderful collection of cool-climate plants


  6. Now, I know this comment will end up in your spam bin… … but I will still say that cherry blossom time is special anywhere cherries will grow… 😉 What a beautiful view!


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