Wednesday Vignette – Australiana


Over twenty Cockatoos and a Gum Tree – I think the only thing that would make it more “Australiania” than this is having a Koala munching on the leaves 🙂

They were everywhere…it really is spring!!!!


Linking in with Anna over at Flutter and Hum. Do check out other vignettes from around the globe!

Happy Spring 🙂


49 thoughts on “Wednesday Vignette – Australiana

    • Hi Marian, their nests are usually quite high up, in the hollows left by dead limbs in old trees.Despite the huge numbers of cockatoos around here, I have never yet seen a nest!


    • Thanks Julie. We do have Koalas in the blue mountains, but you don’t see them close to houses (with so many hundreds of thousands of acres of forest surrounding us, they tend not to venture near towns).
      Also, the upper blue mountains used to be part of a fur trade (until the 1920s) and it is assumed that the koala numbers were absolutely decimated after 100 years of slaughter 😦


  1. I had to look very closely before it started to sink in to my old tired brain, that the cockatoos were real, and not ornaments. It gives me an idea for what kind of ornaments to put in my Eucalyptus when it’s big enough.

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    • Isn’t it funny, the black cockatoos are shy here. They only really stop when the Radiata pines are in seed….but the cry they make is terrible, it sounds like a child being tortured…I’d rather the shriek of the white cockatoo any day!

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  2. That is amazing! So much more exotic than the flocks of starlings (which are considered “pest birds” here, by most people) that ‘decorate’ our trees. Is the white cockatoo’s shriek just an alarm call, or is that how they constantly communicate when roosting?

    Like the others, my experience of cockatoos is limited to the pet store variety. Years ago, my best friend had two parrots, a pair of very bad-tempered cockatiels, and a cockatoo; but I honestly don’t remember the cockatoo making much noise other than an occasional (but loud) high-pitched sort of chirp. When she died her husband either sold or gave away the birds and so I have no idea what happened to them; the birds were less than 20 years old when she died.

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    • I’m sorry to hear about your friend. My guess is that if the Cockatoo formed a strong bond with her then it may have pined when separated: they are long-lived and most parrots mate for life: sometimes captives birds latch onto a human as their surrogate ‘mate’.
      The noise these birds make is quite extraordinary; a flock is often 100db +, so I knew were outside munching on the cypress cones. There’s always one bird who keeps watch while the rest eat and it usually makes the most noise

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  3. They must be really fun to watch, even if they do munch on your plants. Huh, now I sound like one of those people who used to annoy me when they said the same thing about the deer that used to terrorize my garden….No…cockatoos are much more interesting.

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    • So very true…and Cockatoos seldom do as much damage. We do have deer as well in Australia, but no where near the numbers of the US and only clustered around National Parks where they have escaped from farms/zoos…


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