WordPress Users Unable to Comment on Blogspot Blogs – a Fix?

I know that this issue has been around for some time (where WordPress users are unable to have their ID recognised or unable to get to the “I am not a Robot” option on BlogSpot sites), and there are a couple of workarounds for it, but I thought I’d share one of my own which has been working effortlessly for me for about 3 weeks and saving quite a bit annoyance.

From what I have observed, us WordPress users log in to the blogging world via Gravatar, which is supposed to be recognised as Open ID enabling us to easily comment on a BlogSpot site.

That’s the theory….

However, almost everyone has a Google account (for Gmail, Google calendar, Google+, YouTube etc), so, when you sign into a Google product, your web-cache stores that username and login across all active sessions and this seems to be causing the BlogSpot sites confusion in recognising our Gravatar login as it tries to reconcile the two separate logins. I could be wrong, but this is just my observation.

One workaround is to select your username and URL in the drop down list on a BlogSpot comment, but that too, doesn’t always achieve results and has often sent me on the “Anonymous/RailwayParade” or “You don’t own that Profile” loop trying to comment on my favourite, non-Wordpress sites.

An easier workaround for me is to simply open a different browser type when replying to a BlogSpot post.

For instance: if you normally use Internet Explorer as your default web browser to look at your blogfeeds via the Reader, open Google Chrome and type in the name of the BlogSpot site you wish to comment on (don’t try opening the WordPress Reader  or Gmail or Google accounts in the secondary web browser as you simply replicate the issue: you are just using this secondary web browser to visit one BlogSpot site at a time for the purpose of leaving a comment). You can then easily use your WordPress ID in the secondary browser to leave a comment.

I’ve only tried swapping between these two and safari, so cannot assume that it works on other web browsers. (Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari are supposedly the most popular anyway).

This post is not at all gardening related, but has worked for me, so I thought I’d share it with others.


17 thoughts on “WordPress Users Unable to Comment on Blogspot Blogs – a Fix?

  1. Hi Matt. I don’t use any Google products. I had email accounts, etc but closed and deactivated all of them last year. There are a couple blogsites I visit on but I’m not able to comment with my wordpress ID. Next time I get the chance I will try your work-around to see it it works.

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  2. Glad to know it’s not just me. The I am not a robot thing was becoming so annoying I set up a new profile on google and that seems to let me comment as Sarah. I’m not too worried about linking back to my blog fortunately.


  3. For some reason I often have issues when trying to comment on Blogspot blogs. I’ve never gotten stuck in a loop though – it just decides I can’t do it, and then it deletes my comment. So, I’m trying to get in the habit of copying what I wrote before submitting, rather than having to re-write it all again. I eventually learned that it often helps to comment as a “Anna K “rather than as my WordPress Gravatar. Either way, the incompatibility is annoying. Great post, Matt – I’ll be sure to try switching browsers next time I have issues.

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  4. Excellent share sir! I am SOOOO over not being able to comment on some Blogspot blogs. It very rarely happens the other way around by the way. I will give your fix a go. Fingers crossed it works. Cheers for the share 🙂

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  5. I never use openid, so I only read blogspot blogs that allow name url, and, I’ve tried posting on blogspot blogs when I am not logged into wordpress, the robot thingy still doesn’t open for me and like Anna it deletes my comment, I too c&p them so I do not have to rewrite,
    I do not have any of the other google things you mention, I think google make it difficult for anyone using any other products because they want everyone using google,
    I get so fed up with the constant problems with blogspot blogs since google took it over about 9 years ago, whenever people moan about the amount of spam they get they are using blogspot/google, I really wonder why anyone using blogspot when there are better blogging platforms without all the hassels, I pretty much only read non google blogs now as I am fed up with all the problems, just my thoughts, Frances

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