Wednesday Vignette – Fire and Ice

On the weekend, I just finished planting out a little early-flowering Rhododendron when I got caught in yet another snow-fall (I think this is about the 15th this year, grrrr).

I really like the contrast between the fiery buds and the icy leaves, so I caught it with the i-phone.

The flowers are actually pale pink but the buds start out a deep carmine:


Sorry about the quality. The light was just terrible as the storm set in.

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Happy Gardening 🙂


49 thoughts on “Wednesday Vignette – Fire and Ice

  1. Your frozen precipitation limits are being reached?! Mine were really short, we had a wood deck on the north side of our house that took days to thaw and two clumsy dogs (and humans) that had to go out that way…I am about six weeks to good weather – you?

    Good luck to the Rhododendeon. And you.

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  2. Lets just hope that the weather boffins are wrong and that this lovely snowy interlude isn’t punctuated by an extended long, hot, dry season. Fingers crossed we have swapped with N.Z. and this lovely cooler weather keeps going. You can have the hotter weather if you like, it’s not my favourite 😉

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  3. I love watching rhododendron buds swell and the flowers emerge. It’s been so hot and dry in my area this summer that my desire to grow them has been vacillating, but I just bought two more today. I do have a little area in the garden that stays moist in summer…

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    • Thanks Evan! We are headed for a hot dry summer this year with a strong El Nino, so it will be a case of deep mulch to try and get these established, but they do so well here, that it will be worth it in the long haul


    • Thanks Frances – it has been a snowy season; it took us by surprise because the winters for the last 20 years have been so mild that to have a more ‘normal’ winter is a shock 🙂


  4. My gosh, more snow?!? Glad you had the nice surprise from the little rhody though. 🙂

    For us in the USA northeast, El Nino supposedly will bring a milder winter than usual … which, combined with the low oil prices, should mean lower than normal heating bills. 🙂

    How are most homes heated in Australia, by the way?

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    • That’ll be a nice change to have a mild winter after the last few! I have large windows oriented to get the low Northern winter sun, so that cuts on heating bills; most places in Australia don’t actually have any form of central heating….it’s typically electricity or gas…my house included. (I think this winter set me back about $300-$400)

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      • Yikes!
        Admittedly, my electricity bill is very low – that also includes the electricity for the rest of the house like hot water, lights and other appliances. My neighbours have quarterly bills of about $1500 (plus the costs of other fuels like gas and firewood which I don’t have).
        When I renovated the house, I added two layers of foam and a plastic membrane under the siding and over the existing insulated boards as well as working out where the winter sun would land and situating the windows accordingly….it looks like it has worked

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  5. In the mountains, it’s never really hot enough here to warrant anything other than a portable fan, although I do have reverse-cycle air-conditioning.
    It’s amazing how ridiculously cheap our running costs are here by comparison to the rest of the world (imagine having your entire energy costs at $900-$1200 per annum for everything: heat, water, cooling, cooking, appliances, lighting, etc), yet a government was taken down by trying to add $150 per annum to the average electricity bill to help curb greenhouse gas emissions 😦


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