A New Friend

Given how mild it is at the moment (12°C and glorious sunshine!), the larger birds  have returned to the upper mountains….but despite a mild spell, it is still winter after all, and without much food around, I put out some seeds and grains a few days ago which the birds have thoroughly enjoyed.

As I was scraping up the mess today, this fellow flew down to the clothesline and kept squawking at me, so I used Deodar seed-pods as a plate and put the left-over scattered seeds and grains onto that.

………How cool is this for a wild bird…..!

image (3)

Cockatoo eating out of my hand

Happy gardening 🙂


40 thoughts on “A New Friend

    • They are a great bird to have visit the garden – oddly enough, they have developed a taste for conifer seeds, which aren’t native to Australia, which is great for me, as there are quite a few conifers in the garden!

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    • I think he will, especially if he knows there is food to be had….although I am walking distance to the main street of town with the café that leaves food for them, which is why I suspect he is so tame 🙂


  1. An offer of some more pigeons in trade here, Matt… Reminds me that I really miss my little cockatiel. I have a hunch that Australia must have the highest overall bird IQ on the planet 😉

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  2. Wow- what a fun surprise! To think I was satisfied with a hummingbird… A real live, wild cockatoo eating out of your hand – fabulous! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your adventure!

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  3. THAT IS AMAZING!!!!! When my husband and I were in college before kids we had pet birds in cages and thought that was neat when we had them out of their cages-, but to have that in my garden-WOW:-) You live in paradise:-)

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