Wordless Wednesday – Winter Afternoon


June 3rd, 4pm: -3C / 26F


33 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Winter Afternoon

    • It is frost, it was worse this morning when I left for work (I had to chisel ice of the car as tipping water over it didn’t do anything), and I don’t think it melted all day as it was still there this afternoon when I got home!


    • Thanks – even Sydney has recorded its coldest run of June mornings for 80+ years. Not a feat that happens very often! The garden is all frost hardy – these agapanthus will probably get rather burnt and mushy, and despite the fact that I wish nature would kill them to save me digging them out, nothing seems to stop them in their tracks!!!!

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    • Thanks Kris! It’s just the clump of Agapanthus, which I’m going to remove at any rate – nothing ever seems to kill it. Fire, flood, frost, snow, heat, drought….the thing is indestructible!


    • Thanks Frances! This week has been very chilly, and a couple of days where the top temperature didn’t get above 0C, but the forecast is for more normal temperatures (around 6C in the day) this weekend


  1. It’s hot here in Portland, and I am grumpy. Temps at over 90F does that to me. Not only is it a beautiful photo, seeing it cooled me off a bit. And, it made me dread summer even more. Please post more icy lovelies!


  2. That’s a lovely shot, Matt! Winter light is special anyway, and a bit of frost brings it out… πŸ˜‰ I’m afraid your descriptions of agapanthus indestructibility only increase my plans of getting some in next fall. Sorry to be so late with my comment – I’m still trying to catch up online!

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    • Thanks Amy. Agapanthus are actually a great plant (even though I often have a whine about them) – it’s just in this climate they are very invasive and ubiquitous – but in the right setting, I think they are truly lovely!


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