Wordless Wednesday – Dahlia imperialis


Dahlia imperialis


Dahlia imperialis


Dahlia imperialis


28 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Dahlia imperialis

  1. I grew this from seed and it is now 3 years old, it lives in my greenhouse. It grows enormous each year but I never get those lovely flowers, the frost always knocks it back before it flowers. They are so pretty, thanks for showing it.

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    • Thanks! It should be hardy – we’ve had lots of zero in and sub-zero temps these last couple of weeks….four days ago we had a frost of -4C which didn’t thaw until 11am – the very tall trees give it a lot of shelter, but what I’ve found is that if any ice touches or forms on the leaves those parts die. It survived two snowfalls this growing season as well.
      If you take a stem cutting from the dying dahlia (about 30-50cm long with at least two nodes – which is how I grew mine), lay it flat in the ground in a spot sheltered by tall trees – preferably evergreen – and with radiant warmth from a wall it will grow and flower for you. The first one I ever saw was grown outside in the UK. Sounds a lot of work, but it is a lovely flower!


    • They are amazing plants – I don’t know why they aren’t grown more often as they are quite the set-and-forget variety….the only gamble is the frost but so far it has handled about 10 mornings of 0C and two mornings well below 0C without an issue…

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    • It does, doesn’t it – it would be the perfect for Sydney gardens (although you don’t much see it grown there) as it doesn’t need lifting through the winter and without any frost there would be no danger of it being cut down before flowering….


    • We had some terrible gales last month, but this is a very sheltered spot – it does need wind and frost protection as well as water in the summer/autumn…but if you give it that it can sure be pretty


    • Thanks Beachbums1 – these plants actually come from Central America, so they like warm weather – you should be able to get this grow easily in the humid east coast summers, but it’s the first frost date that you need to worry about as the flowers open at the end of fall….to grow these, the average 1st frost date should be in the no earlier than the 2nd to 3rd week of November


    • Thanks! Most dahlias are fine as they are late summer flowering plants, are often die back prior to the first frosts anyway. D. imperialis, on the other hand doesn’t flower until late autumn, but here I’ve had snow and frost since mid april…as long it’s in a protected spot, it can cope


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