In between Rain Showers

It has been raining here for days and days.

This morning, the sun made a brief re-appearance before the next wave of rain set in.


Japanese Maple and Rising Sun

I like the contrast between the Eucalypts and the Maple – all of which look very fresh in the light mist. I had planned to take some other photos for a longer post, but the weather had other ideas….

Happy gardening 🙂


25 thoughts on “In between Rain Showers

    • I will keep my fingers crossed for you, Pat. Although in 6 months’ time, I’m sure I’ll be complaining about drought, that’s how fickle the weather can be over here!


    • Thanks! Being on the top of a hill the house and garden has good views on most sides….I probably don’t show this one because of that huge expanse of old paling fence that runs along the top of the hill, cutting the garden into two…I can’t wait until the hedge has grown along the real property line so I can remove it…it will completely open up the garden.

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    • Thanks! It’s back to work Monday now! I think the reader app has been playing silly buggers as I often don’t see posts on the ipad, but they are there when I use the normal PC…but not to worry, another wet weekend was spent doing chores on the inside of the house 🙂


  1. Yeah stop showing off! We get the odd smattering of rain and then days of cool dry determination. The white flies are LOVING it. I wouldn’t have thought that there could BE that many white flies in all of the world but they seem to be concentrated in Sanctuary and they are most happy with their local conditions. There is a special place in my soul for maples in all seasons but autumn is where they burn a blazing trail across my psyche. Those intensely vibrant colours as the sap is leached back into the almost hibernating plant are the stuff that life is made of. The euc’s might not have that immediate eye candy gratification, but they have a secret weapon. Wet eucalypts are a complete sensory experience. The smell of a wet eucalyptus forest is tantamount to almost reaching Nirvana on earth. Thank you for this lovely post Matt. I am going to plant more maples this autumn. You can never have enough hats, shoes, or maples 🙂

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    • I’ve hundreds and hundreds of seedlings all through the garden (most of which I have potted up) and all of them have been throwing seedlings everywhere. But it’s the same all through the upper mountains. I can’t even give them away! Thankfully they are very, very beautiful 🙂

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  2. Happy Gardening to you too! I agree the contrast is nice. I like the photo it has a magical quality to it-lovely:-) It is raining here but we need the rain and I don’t mind it since we have had 80 degrees in early spring-plants are not happy + now we have April showers in May. Mother Nature roller coaster the past few years!

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    • Thanks Robbie! We have been going through the same thing these last few years. Spring is warm and dry (sometimes hotter than summer) and the rain seems to stay away until the start of summer. It makes for unhappy spring plants, that’s for sure….


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