Blog Award Number 2!

It was a lovely surprise this morning to be nominated for another Blog Award by the Shrub Queenone-lovely-blog-award-logo

Thankyou so much, I am very honoured, and it certainly is a great way to round out 2014 🙂

As part of this award, I must reveal five things about myself, so here goes:

1) For my entire life, I think everything I own has been covered in about a half inch layer of pet hair. In fact, the only time I have ever been without pets is when I lived in Germany for about a year. This is the current set of ferals….


Napoleon and Cleopatra, meet the blogging world

These were a replacement for this one, who is now chewing garden furniture, digging holes and terrorising children in the sky 🙂

Talis (2)

Talis, in a rare moment of calm about 10 years ago

2) As a result of point number 1, I can be found vacuuming the house every single day!

3) I still sneak a visit to the first tree I ever planted if I’m near my childhood home.

4) When I was 17, my friend (who was a budding mechanic) and I built my first car in the shell of an old half-wrecked Datsun. I lied and told my parents I paid $100 for it. Not surprisingly, my parents didn’t believe me and part of the engine fell out while going over a pot-hole three days later.

5) Despite a sweet-tooth, I’ve never ever had any cavities or fillings.

Now, it’s my turn to nominate 5 lovely bloggers:

Mieux vivre dans son Jardin

Annette’s Garten

Mind Your Dirt

Island Threads 

Handmade. Homegrown. Beautiful Life.

Thanks once again for the nomination!

Happy Gardening, and Happy New Year 🙂


13 thoughts on “Blog Award Number 2!

  1. Oh, you’ve made me chuckle (and I very much appreciate people who are able to make me laugh!), Matt. Pet hair all over the place here as well but there are some fab vacuum cleaners made for people like us…Thank you too for nominating me :), I’m flattered. First, I was inclined to say no because it took me ages to write up the other award post but in this case I shall accept as I should be able to cope with 5 revelations. Just have to try and be as witty as yourself!

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  2. hello Matt, thank you for nominating me for a blog award but I will not be posting and continuing the award, I have been blogging a long time and when these awards started I did accept the first few but then they became too many, it was like every other post was another award, so I decided years ago no more, you of course can’t know that, I have not seen any blog awards for a few years now so thought they had phased themselves out, apparently not, thank you again, happy new year and good gardening in 2015, Frances


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