The Colours of Christmas

Well, it might be the middle of summer, but at least the garden has the classic Christmas combo of Red, White and Green courtesy of the Fuchsia and Astilbe.


Astilbe and Fuchsia

Seasons greetings, and happy gardening πŸ™‚


28 thoughts on “The Colours of Christmas

    • They’re great little plants, but do need protection from almost all the elements (sun, heat, cold, frost). Here they are under the dense shade of a paling fence, Japanese Maple, Rhododendron and 6 Eucalypts which means I can keep them outside πŸ™‚

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      • My mom bought these a lot in hanging baskets. We used to have to put them in the back of the house in total shade to keep them alive. I put them right in front of the kitchen window so there was no way she could forget to water them, which she always forgot anyway.

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      • Yes, they hate not being watered! I actually got all of these fuchsias from cuttings – the original plants were growing in hanging baskets at a friends house. I may transfer them to pots once the slower perennials establish themselves, but for now I am happy with them here πŸ™‚

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    • It is odd – especially having spent 14 years in the UK & Europe – but sometimes there is a real magic in a summers day when the streets are empty and everything is so quiet and still. Have a great Christmas!

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  1. It feels odd to a Northener to imagine a white Christmas in the summer, but those pretty Astilbes make it look snowier than what we have here in Portland. Spring time temps and rain so far. No skiing yet… 😦


  2. The Fuchsia and Astilbe make a beautiful combination Matt. I wish I could grow Astilbes but they just aren’t happy here in Southern California (despite the fact that our local nurseries sell the plants each winter). I haven’t done much with Fuchsias since we moved into our current place 4 years ago but, as I’ve cleared the lawn in an appropriately shady area, I’m hoping to remedy that in 2015.

    Thanks for sharing the progress with your garden and thanks for visiting my blog!


    • They would sell them in Sydney too, and just like SoCal they don’t do very well….they need cooler summers, cold winters and so on.
      Fuchsias should do really well in coastal L.A.; especially in the early part of summer when the June gloom rolls in….the only struggle will be keeping them alive during August – October when you guys get hot, dry and windy weather.
      I love the progress of your garden. It’s a wonderful spot!


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