This Week in the Garden

The Summer Solstice was a glorious day.

A bit of sun, a bit of cloud and just a quick, passing shower, a nice strong breeze and a top of 21°C (70°F).

As you would expect at this time of year, the garden is starting to fill with colour.

More Lupins have opened – this time, I’m getting my wish with the more stellar combinations. Each bush has many more spikes, so with a bit of luck I will be enjoying these through summer



The foxgloves, such a mainstay of so many gardens, have come into their own, shown here with the hydrangea:


Digitalis x mertonensis ‘Strawberry’ and Hydrangea quercifolia

I love the combination with the Wallflower:


Erysimum and Digitalis

I don’t know about you, but these flowers always invite me to have a closer look, so….


Digitalis x mertonensis ‘Strawberry’

The other Hydrangea quercifolia, planted in an awkward spot under the stairs, is doing very well:


It certainly appreciates the shade provided by the treads and should fill the space without needing cutting back (the stairs are 2.5m/8′ tall). Additionally, this should keep its burgundy throughout the winter, which will make a nice contrast to the grey and white of the house.

Some of the blue shades in the garden:

Ajuga reptans…a little late to flower, but it is in a fairly shady spot:


Blue bugle

A little Campanula portenschlagiana, given to me by my neighbour is flowering away:


Campanula portensclagiana

Nigella damascena is always a star, but it is one that you have to look for closely:


Nigella damascena

But for an intense blue at this time of year, it is hard to go past the cornflowers, Centaurea cyanus, which are taking centre stage:


Centaurea cyanus

Of course available in other shades, such as light blue and pink:



Here in purple, going well with the Heucheras and the Violas. Pity that all the storms last week flattened a lot of the flowers, but such is life in the garden!





This little wildflower seed packet sown direct in the soil in September, has given months of mileage:



The poppies are still powering along:



Coreopsis ‘Salsa’ picks up the hot colours of the poppies:



Hope you enjoyed seeing what is on show this week…as always, happy gardening 🙂


11 thoughts on “This Week in the Garden

  1. Your Lupins and Foxgloves are gorgeous. I will enjoy yours, as it is difficult to grow them here. Happy Summer to you as we slip into Winter. I enjoy seeing your opposite seasons. How wonderful it is to go around the world with the tap of a key!


    • I love the change of seasons that come with this climate, when I gardened in warmer areas I became so reliant on foliage to provide the contrast; but in Sydney I was able to grow Gardenias, Plumeria and Bougainvillea…which wouldn’t even last one night here….


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