A New Garden View

With the incessant storms this last week, a Liquidambar tree in my next door neighbours yard lost a very large limb which completely crushed a few old and overgrown cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) shrubs on the boundary between our two properties.

After the debris was cleared and chipped, I was able to see a brand new view from the garden.

I often show the current view that is visible to the north of my house, as the densely wooded valley and distant mountains are visible from every room of the house and all parts of the garden.


The usual view to the North

Now as lovely as the view to Mts. Tomah, Hay and Tootie across the Grose Valley are, they are not the most dramatic ones near me.

As a small aside, further north of the distant Mt Tootie is the Wollemi National Park, where, in a deep gorge the ancient Wollemi Pine was rediscovered. Its exact location still remains a closely guarded secret.

However, for sheer drama, it is the cliff and escarpment views to the South that tourists and residents alike want to see and it’s this beautiful view that has now opened up:


The new vista to the South, but only if you stand on tip-toes and peer over the fence!

So – at least in a very small pocket of the garden – I have this new vista to Mt Solitary for a little while, until the cherry laurel regrows!

Happy Gardening 🙂


19 thoughts on “A New Garden View

    • Very much so. I would say it is one of the most popular deciduous trees in Australia, as it colours reliably even in mild coastal cities like Sydney. Even here, where we can grow all of the maples for spectacular colour, you’ll see them in every second garden 🙂


      • I suspected as much….the other ‘trash’ tree from the US that is regularly planted – at least in the mountains – is the Silver Maple – Acer saccharinum. Trash tree is a funny term, and one that I had never heard before. Does it mean a weedy tree that self-sows everywhere, or is it just a tree that is common but with poor structural habit?


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