Rock Rose

I love the happy blooms of the rock rose (Cistus ladaniferus). These were just little plugs when I planted them in March/April.

Now, they have started to fill out nicely and are covered in blooms:


IMG_0746The white crepe-paper blooms certainly complement one of the seemingly never-ending Iceland poppy blooms:


Each flower lasts but a day.

This is one of the more cold tolerant of the species and can be grown in USDA Zones 7/8 as long as it is given some shelter (just as I have done by growing it in front of a warm North-facing fence).

These short lived shrubs still have some way to go; growing quite a bit more slowly here than in their preferred Mediterranean climate, but considering these only had a few leaves each when I planted them seven months ago, I am certainly not complaining about the progress!

Happy Gardening 🙂


6 thoughts on “Rock Rose

    • Thanks for visiting, Kris! A 1-gallon pot certainly is large: I think the largest pot size I’ve ever bought was 6″ and that was for the sugar maple tree. I’m grateful to be able to get the plugs from many specialist nurseries – in addition to saving money, they saving deep digging in my very rocky soil, and they establish very fast…


    • I know – having only lived in Europe and Australia (and visited the US in summer) it’s hard to imagine temperatures regularly lower than the -18C of zone 7! I guess the difference between zone 7 outside the US is the much cooler summers


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