And they call it poppy love….

As spring transitions abruptly to summer, across the garden poppies are opening or, in some cases, giving a repeat performance!

Poppies are honestly one of the easiest of all flowers to grow; they don’t need too much water, and are unfussed by soil type. I love the airiness they give to the garden.


Delicate Shirley poppy (Papaver rhoeas)


Iceland poppies come back for an umpteenth showing

The Iceland poppy, Papaver nudicaule, which back in July tantalised with the promise of buds that didn’t open until late September to announce the warmth of spring. It’s amazing to think that with just regular dead-heading, they are still blooming and are now announcing the heat of summer: when I lived in Sydney, Iceland poppies would be lucky to live past September, let alone flower again in October and November!

In the background are the earliest of the Rock Roses, Cistus ladanifer, and the first of the foxglove spires.

A cultivar of the common poppy, Papaver orientale, has opened to reveal a striking black centre against pillar-box red:


And lastly, the California poppy with its yellow and cream trumpets will always make me smile even though I know it will end up seeding through the garden:


Eschscholzia californica

Happy gardening 🙂



6 thoughts on “And they call it poppy love….

    • They certainly are very easy on the eye! Amongst the annual poppies I’ve a few more to open, and then of course, the perennial poppies which I planted last autumn, so hopefully I can always get even just one or two poppy flowers somewhere in the garden through the warmer months

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  1. I love poppies too! Last year I ordered seeds for three types of black poppies. True to form, none got ever got planted, but I hope there is some life in them for last year too. Those California poppies self seed, but they are so lovely, I really don’t mind. The bring the sunshine! 🙂

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  2. Who could possible resist a poppy! Got some seeds for very dark midnight red poppies at Chelsea this year and look forward to growing them next year. Spring into summer…hmmm, enjoy it 🙂


    • Thanks Annette! I look forward to seeing the pictures of those midnight red poppies. I’ve seen some of the super poppies also through the Chelsea shows, which also look amazing. In Australia it usually takes quite a few years for the new plant varieties to make it through customs/quarantine. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of the fancier/frillier poppy cultivars available for sale here at all…..


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