On the eastern side of the house is one of the shadiest parts of the garden.

In addition to the dense shade cast by the house from midday, there is a paling fence, six large Eucalyptus oreades a large rhododendron blocking the light from the north and a 40 year old Japanese maple.

So there is a lot of root competition: that, combined with the shade make for tough conditions for plants to grow. But it is also very sheltered by the trees which means that despite frosts of -7°C (19°F), I was able to get Fuchsias, which were struck from cuttings, to grow outside this winter.

With the warmth of summer, they are now blooming.





Each one has grown quite substantially since planted back in June. Sadly, as I took them all from cuttings from un-named plants on a friends veranda, I haven’t the foggiest idea of the cultivar details.

In this bed, I have also tried some impatiens seedlings: the impatiens rust/downy mildew that is affecting the whole world has managed to arrive in Australia as well, but it isn’t widespread in the cooler zones (in most parts of Australia, Impatiens are a perennial as there is little frost: in areas like mine where they die back, they tend to be seldom planted) so fingers crossed they will all put on a show until the first frosts in about 6 months’ time.

Happy Gardening 🙂


5 thoughts on “Fuchsias

    • Thanks, I’ve never had a problem growing fuchsias, even when I lived in Sydney; their growing success must be something to do with how hot it gets during the day. For instance, even though Sydney is much hotter than here, even during summer it rarely gets above 32C.


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