Rose & Marguerite

I rather like the combination of the Blue Marguerite and the pearly white Miniature Rose together in bloom.


Felicia amelloides and unknown Rosa

This is the same rose that I hacked to pieces (roots, stems and all) and then transplanted back in early winter. Of course, that was technically the wrong time to do this, but I took a bit of a risk….it’s paid off, as the bush has started to give a riot of blooms and buds.

Does anyone know the variety? I’m thinking it could be Avon or Ivory Palace.

The bush was one of the few things planted in the garden before the house fell into disrepair, so the rose variety would have been popular around the 1980s…..

Happy Gardening 🙂


8 thoughts on “Rose & Marguerite

  1. Thanks everyone! I thought I’d give a slightly different twist to companion planting. Traditionally you use catmint if you want the blue flowers in a rose bed. I have that too (as catmint is good for attracting beneficial insects), but wanted something a little more intense….


  2. I don’ t recognise the rose, it’ s lovely. Roses often seem to respond well to being well hacked.
    I love your little Felicia. I grow it in a lot because it is not hardy here.


    • I find hacking roses is actually therapeutic! The Felicia is only just hardy here. My climate is similar to the southern belt of the UK: the only reason I can keep it outside is that it is grown next to a warm, North facing wall and the fact that I have light sandy soils. If the soils were heavy, like much of the UK, I doubt it would survive….


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