This Week in the Garden

Like much of our planet, October here was officially the warmest in 90 years of record (average day and night temperatures were 15.1°C/59.2°F which is 3°C/6°F above the long term average), and that’s despite the snow mid-month…it is closer to the average for the start of summer rather than mid spring.

It’s little wonder many spring flowers are starting to go over and summer flowers are starting to awaken.


Columbine at its peak

The first of the Aquilegia to flower, ‘Bordeaux Barlow’ is now at its peak. It’s been a pretty thing, and I’ll definitely be collecting the seeds for next season.

In one of the sunny beds (that gets the hottest afternoon sun) at the front of the house the creeping thrift – Phlox subulata – has begun to bloom:


Phlox subulata ‘Amethyst’

And the first of the Salvias, here with some (almost) matching annual dianthus has started to bloom:


Salvia greggii ‘Sierra Pink’

I hope those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying the last of the record autumn warmth before winter sets in…..

Happy Gardening 🙂


2 thoughts on “This Week in the Garden

  1. The Columbine is stunning!! The color is beautiful. I’ve just move to Seville (Spain) and I’m planning to prepare some beds of perennial mixed with bulb, for cut flower stock in my patio. I checked out the Gardener’s World series of Monty Don, and one of the consultants did a cut flower diary. Don’t know if you are interested in that, but if you are is worth a look (look for Rachel de Thame at Gardener’s World in Youtube).

    I’ve found your blog very interesting, good insight of plants. Thanks


    • Thanks for the comment. I have seen Rachel’s cut garden project on Gardener’s World – it was quite lovely! I wish you success with your garden; I look forward to seeing the progress shots 🙂


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