As October melts into November, the Campanulas that I put in last May are starting to bloom:


Campanula poscharskyana

This will eventually cover the front of this garden, but for now is just a cute little mound.

Similarly, the Campanula medium placed as a plug in May has just burst into bloom. This has been planted in a sheltered north facing spot, free from winter ice and as such it’s quite possible that this could be a perennial (rather than a biennial) in my climate. We’ll see….but for now it’s nice to enjoy the little upside down bell shaped flowers from my window directly above.


Campanula medium

Happy gardening 🙂


6 thoughts on “Campanulas

  1. Thanks Cynthia, I agree! You don’t see them in gardens all that often. Particularly in Australia, biennials are deemed too old fashioned or too much effort in terms of re-growing from seed, so most people opt for shrubs instead….


  2. Thanks guys – the first campanula should be a permanent feature; I expect it’s quite vigorous once established and it should clothe the front of the bed in light blue flowers through the warmer months 🙂


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