Garden Visitor

It’s not just the plants that are stirring to life in the garden.

This morning I stumbled upon an Eastern Copperhead Snake (Austrelaps labialis) sunning itself after a 3°C/37°F morning.


Eastern Copperhead snake

This is not related to the North American Copperhead snake.

Snakes are common in Australia, and this type of snake, while not particularly venomous by Australian standards, killed my next door neighbours’ dog last spring, so I wasn’t going to take my chances!

Thankfully the Copperhead doesn’t like to fight, and retreated away into the neighbours yard when it saw me (my other neighbour has a large fish pond, and Copperheads are fond of frogs, so I suspect that’s where it came from).

They look very much like the Eastern Browns which are also around here.

However, an Eastern Brown snake almost NEVER slithers away, preferring to rear up and lunge at you (google Eastern Brown Snake and you’ll see what I mean). They are VERY aggressive and cranky things and their venom is very toxic.


Aggressive Eastern Brown snake doing what it loves to do – attack. Image courtesy the ‘net

But thankfully, the Red Belly Black Snake (also in Eastern Australia and also incredibly venemous) loves to feast on the Brown snake:


Image Courtesy ABC Australia

However, at this time of year, when snakes are mating, you really need to be vigilant when outside.

Happy gardening!


7 thoughts on “Garden Visitor

  1. Thanks sweetk8, I’m soooo not a fan of snakes at all….but in Eastern Australia, most snakes and spiders quite venomous, so as a gardener, you learn to try and stay out of their way.


  2. Thankfully this is one of the few snakes that isn’t too harmful around here; it’s the most cold hardy, so is active before the other snakes. The ones later in spring/early summer are ones to be scared of…!!!


  3. We have lots of snakes too but mainly harmless ones and we live very happily together with them. They’re very useful and keep the mouse population under control. The Eastern Brown snake doesn’t seem very peaceful and reminds me of a black mamba…not the type I’d appreciate in my garden 😉


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