Sweet Aromas

Spring bulbs bring some truly heady scents to the garden on a mild day. Like the overwhelming sweetness of Erlicheer Jonquils:


Sweet Jonquils

Or the vanilla tones of Freesias:


Freesia refracta

I love the mix of cream and lemon colours, and being right by the gate to the garage, I am always greeted by a lovely smell.

Picking up the yellow and white mix on the other side of the garden, many of the daffodils have a sweet perfume. The smallest daffodils seem to be the most pungent.

IMG_0425 IMG_0423

Drawn by the warmer weather and abundance of flowers, bees return to the garden. I watched this little fellow make short work of every Primula flower:


Bees and Primula

Even though the season has just begun, I am always looking to the next season….here is a little seedling tray of English Daisies (Bellis perenis) which should be ready to go into the ground in a few weeks’ time:


English Daisy seedlings emerge

Happy gardening!


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