Primulas and other Spring Beauties

With showers every day since the middle of August, the early spring garden is certainly making the most of the extra moisture.

Below is one of my favourite little annuals, Primula malacoides, putting on a show:


Primula malacoides

A flowering currant (Ribes sanguineum) has put on its first show since I planted it last autumn, very pretty too:


Flowering currant

The Ipheion/Tritelia uniflorum continues to impress. The variegated dogwood is even starting to loose it’s red winter twigs:


Spring Star

On the white side of the colour spectrum, the jonquils have started to open:



As have the sweetly perfumed freesias:



And of course, the daffodil patch is coming along nicely:



Most of the early ones have opened….the mid/late flowering ones are still quite small, but for a $4 investment, I’d say this is well worth it! Once these finish, hopefully the Lupins and the Asiatic lilies will start to fill the gaps until the slower shrubs (Rhododendrons, azaleas, viburnums and deutzias) fill the gaps.

As always, happy gardening!


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