The garden stirs to life

Even in a mild climate like mine, the first real stirrings of spring are always exciting. With heavy rain in the Sydney region over the last two weeks, the morning frosts have waned and the garden is really starting to embrace the change of season.

The first of the Dutch crocus that I planted in autumn are starting to sprout. The royal blue looks quite lovely against the Muscari which is starting to sprout many more flowers:


Dutch Crocus

There are also white Dutch crocus, but these have yet to send up any flower spikes….the aim is to get these bulbs to naturalise through the bed for a repeat display.

Further along the bed, the Ipheion (spring star) are putting on a nice show beneath the red-twigged dogwood:


Spring Star

The little plot of bargain daffodil bulbs is powering along. A nice cream one has emerged:



This was the same area back in April, after I cleared the huge amount of Jasmine and Ivy:


April 2014 – post clearing

But it’s not just the bulbs. The Kurume Azalea (to the right of the photo above) that took a fair beating in getting all of the vines removed from it has also started to flower. It is nothing spectacular, but it is an encouraging sign. More importantly, there is now new growth at the base of the plant which means the gaps will be filled within a few seasons. When the weather warms up it will need a haircut to try and bring some shape back to the crown, but for now….:


Kurume Azalea

On the subject of plants that have been cut unkindly, the patio rose that I hacked to pieces is looking very healthy with a lot of new growth from the base:


Patio Rose

This was the same rose in the middle of June, two weeks after I hacked it (roots and all) and transplanted it:


Post prune and transplant

The Pieris japonica is still flowering beautifully:


Pieris japonica – Late August

This display has been well over 6 weeks already and shows no signs of abating. Here it is in the post from last month (28 July):


And, last month…..

Even the little cutting I took of the plant at the beginning of summer has flowered:


Baby Pieris

Happy Gardening!


2 thoughts on “The garden stirs to life

  1. One of the benefits of blogging and reading post made by some of my visitors is that I can see and hear about Spring Gardens around March (USA – Canada – UK and Europe’s spring time) and September, spring time in the southern hemisphere.
    Happy Spring Gardening


  2. I love looking at the opposite hemisphere for all of the ‘must haves’ in the following season in my garden. It is always wonderful to visit gardens on the other side of the world from the comfort of my lounge room 🙂


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