Tiny Spring Jewels

The Muscari americanum are glistening like beads after two days of heavy rain:


Grape Hyacinth

They really have started to sprout and green up – this was the same spot just under two weeks ago:


Also, the Tree Rhododendron (Rhododendron arboretum) has burst into bloom. Mine is not a particularly good specimen as a previous owner planted it between the shed and fence (it has just 300mm/10″ of space to grow in), but none-the-less it is still putting on quite a show – here it is poking its head above the shed roof:


Tree Rhododendron

It’s about 16’/5m tall, and probably has another 10-20’/3-6m to go before it reaches maturity….talk about the wrong tree in the wrong spot (!)….luckily the tree rhododendrons have a shallow root system, so it does not pose any danger to the fence or the shed.


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