Hardy Pelargoniums

As it tries very hard to snow again today (I did say the weather is like a yo-yo!), it’s interesting to see what is actually hardier in the garden than conventional wisdom dictates.

Pelargoniums, we are told, are usually only hardy to Zone 9b (-3°C/25°F). So far this winter, in zone 8, we have had a few nights to -7°C/19°F and a most other nights below the -3°C threshold.

The Pelargoniums have taken it all in their stride, and show no signs of any damage. One of my favourite is the citrus scented Pelargonium which I have planted near pathways to get a delightful scent as you brush past.


Pelargonium Citrosum in flower (from the web)

And here is my the citrus scented pelargonium with another light dusting of snow this morning after many frosty/snow days and nights – but still perfectly green and happy:


Pelargonium and Osteospermum

And in another area of the garden, the common pelargonium, Pelargonium Domesticum “Solstice Lilac Star” is doing equally as well:


Courtesy of the net

And here is my winter one in an unsheltered area of the garden, next to the emerging jonquils.


I guess many plants have a little more tolerance than we give them credit for!


4 thoughts on “Hardy Pelargoniums

  1. They are very rewarding plants for milder regions, however no where near as frost tolerant as the proper geraniums….but that said, they can thrive in blisteringly hot and sometimes dry conditions without too much fuss.


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