Footprints in the yard

We had another snowfall last night – the big proper fluffy wet flakes that I actually like.

It’s always amazing to see the night-time trail that animals leave behind in the snow….


Which animal did this?

These paw-prints belong to the resident possums. The possums in Australia aren’t like the ones in the US….they are kind of cute….



…..but noisy and destructive (running on the roof, eating fruit/flowers and digging through the compost). So it is interesting to see that it uses my back steps in its nightly run!

At any rate, the snow was quite sticky – here is one of the windows on the snow-ward side of the house:


But it didn’t really stick to the grass, nor did it cause black-ice. Here is the obligatory yard shot:



Anyway, as most of the viewers are from the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you are nice and warm where you are 🙂 Happy Gardening!


4 thoughts on “Footprints in the yard

  1. Yes, I am enjoying your snow shot. Believe it or not, we are having a cold front after 3 inches of rain in less than an hour. Our high today is only 89F. It is a bit of a Texas joke as every weatherman chuckles when they report the “cool ” temperatures.


  2. I don’t know if your lucky or unlucky. Snow is a rare event here in Southwest Oklahoma. Mostly it’s just a very cold, dry north wind.
    Look at the bright side, Being in the Southern Hemisphere you will see Spring arrive long before I do 🙂
    Happy safe, warm winter garden catalog season


  3. Thankyou both! The days are now starting to nudge the low 50F, and how is the garden stirring! Even though it has been one of the warmest winters on record, we still have had two of the typical three snowfall events that are average for each season, so I wonder when the next one will be!


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