More Ice & Snow

This morning saw probably the worst of the current run of black ice and snow showers, with the  Great Western highway closed here in the mountains until about 9.30/10.00am after a spate of very nasty truck and car accidents through the night and morning thanks to the black ice.

A local news report can be viewed here.

Where I live saw some light snow this morning, but mostly everything was frozen solid and treacherously slippery.


Frozen snow on the council verge this morning (taken with my cell phone – sorry about the quality)

My plan to protect the lemon tree under the house extension worked. Here is the last of the snow on the polycarbonate roof, which looks quite pretty:


And here is the extent of the snow and ice that hit the lemon tree:


The ice was fairly thick, but mostly invisible. This damp area of ferns under the maple on the council verge was quite stunning:


By lunch time, everything had thawed (including me!) But even the sunniest part of the garden had some snow on it until about 3pm



2 thoughts on “More Ice & Snow

  1. Your photos are cooling me down. It is in the high 80’s here and so humid the windows are wet. It is fun to visit the other side of the world. I will look forward to your summer when I am in the cold.


    • It is fun visiting the other side of the world via the internet – at the moment I look at all of your beautiful summer pics in the northern hemisphere with so much envy!


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