The blustery weather continues


More blustery weather last night with sustained 100kmh (60mph) winds and hail!

The poor old shed, previously liberated from the clutches of jasmine and ivy took the full brunt of the wind and lost one of its wall panels….I suspect that the vines, having been there for so long, may have been structural 🙂


Here is the damage this morning….another job for the to do list!

But, as always, the garden reminds me that even in winter spring is around the corner: the first of the daffodils and jonquils that I planted in March are starting to pop up in the upper garden which I have been planting out since February.


I’m curious to see what they turn out to be as I bought these bulbs at the very end of autumn as a lucky dip – 50 bulbs for $4.00. Just too cheap to pass up.

Apparently they are a mixture of classic yellows, whites, pinks, doubles and singles….so we’ll see: I may have planted a visual masterpiece of a jarring combination of gaudy colours!


2 thoughts on “The blustery weather continues

  1. Sorry to hear about the shed. I too had some wind and storm damage from a hurricane when I lived in the States. I also ‘gained’ some items that had once been elsewhere! I’m sure your flower show will be delightful. Looking forward to pictures 🙂


  2. Thanks sweetk8 – the wind has finally abated, and the forecast for the next couple of weeks is for more benign and warmer weather. Apart from branches and twigs, the only thing that I ‘gained’ from this event was some of the plastic waterlilies in my neighbours pond strewn throughout the yard 🙂


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