Free Feed

It appears I’ve attracted a lot of attention. While doing the earth moving on my clients garden, a family of Kookaburras has taken to waiting in either the tree or the dismantled clothes line. Every so often they swoop down and claim their prize: a hapless earthworm disturbed by my digging…..



3 thoughts on “Free Feed

  1. They are actually surprisingly small – only about 18″ long/ ~1 lb weight (45cm/455g), but are very intelligent and sociable birds.
    As I have been levelling and digging in the clients’ yard, the kookaburras have brought their youngsters along and keep a protective watch over them foraging for grubs disturbed by the earthmoving. A few of the other gardeners around here have said that kookaburras do this with any major job, but especially in winter as there are fewer insects and grubs to feed on…


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