Exterior update

With the weather so unbelievably mild, I was able to finish off some chores.

Normally, the days don’t get above 9°C/48°F so exterior painting is almost impossible.

Not so today!

I was able to start and finish off the trim around the windows, put the first coat of paint on the new front door, do a second coat on the basement bricks and paint the trim around the stairs/front veranda.

A quick look at before/during/after….



Immediately after the renovation:






Colour Details:

In keeping with the grey theme, the palette is varying shades on the colorbond ‘Windspray’ cladding:

  • The trim around the windows is ‘Vivid White’;
  • The door is ‘Luscious Red’;
  • The trim around the stairs is ‘Surfmist’; and,
  • The bricks are ‘Lights Out’.

These greys all have a blue-ish base.

Still to paint are the eaves (white), the gutter (dark grey) and the stair treads (charcoal grey) but that will have to wait until another warm spell.

All in all, a productive day 🙂


2 thoughts on “Exterior update

  1. Thanks sweetk8 – I’m slowly getting through that to do list!
    The best thing about the new insulated exterior cladding and north facing bay extension/large north facing windows is that the house is now very energy efficient. It is heated by the sun in winter (and the walls and glazing are shaded by the eaves in summer). I only need to turn on the heating on very cold overcast days – the bit I’m proudest of is being able to turn an inefficient 1980s house into a solar passive one for under $20K….


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