Two nice surprises

I am not usually a fan of the ‘scorched earth’ policy when dealing with an old overgrown garden: to slash and burn means you would potentially miss lovely little surprises.

Like these little snowdrops


I noticed them growing at the front of the house under a very overgrown Hebe shrub as I was making the new front bed from the last picture.

Just as well they are flowering about a month early due to this topsy-turvy weather, or they may have been turfed out when I moved to clear the kikuyu and dead stumps!

Also, I thought I would share a picture of one of the other fuchsias I took cuttings of….well, it turned out to be a double!


It certainly is a pretty little thing.

I have no idea what the cultivar is, perhaps someone can recognise this one? (sorry about the photo quality, it is 4°C and blowing a gale here today)


2 thoughts on “Two nice surprises

  1. I so agree about missing little surprises. We moved into a new house with landscape out of control. There was just one little surprise: snowdrops. They showed up in the landscape bed and in unexpected places in the lawn. My husband started calling them a weed! But not to me!


  2. Hi Debbie M. To me the subtle joy of fixing up a property is working with what is already there…I guess that all overgrown gardens were maintained once in their life. It certainly shows that bulbs are the great survivors.


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