African Daisy

Given that it rarely falls below -6°C/42°F here, these shrubs can be treated as a short lived perennial and basically flower almost continuously as long as the soil is moist.

Here are a couple that are still flowering quite well despite the chill.

This one was marketed as ‘Tradewinds Cinnamon’:


And this one ‘Asti White’:


I suspect it is enjoying the radiated warmth of the dry-stone retaining wall 🙂

I’ve also a pretty lemon-yellow variety, but it isn’t in flower at the moment.

As these are short-lived, I tend to take cuttings every couple of years to ensure I can keep a few of these trouble free shrubs in the garden. Soft-tip, non flowering cuttings that are about 5cm/2″ long root very easily as long as the weather is above 15°C/59°F. I usually take mine near the end of summer, but anytime is OK as long as the temperature is conducive to root growth.


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