Given shade, moisture and protection from frosts, fuchsias are dead easy to grow.

In spring, cut an actively growing branch about 10cm/4″ long making sure that you have at least 3 or 4 leaf pairs (including the new growth).

Remove all of the bottom leaves and then place the cuttings in a pot.

I don’t have a greenhouse, so I leave the cuttings on the back veranda which has a clear polycarbonate roof: bright and airy, but protected from the elements.

As spring and early summer can still be quite cool and frost-prone where I am, I place four little bamboo twigs in the pot and then cover the whole thing with kitchen plastic wrap (being sure to puncture enough air holes in the film).

Keep moist.

In about 4 weeks, roots have formed so I pot on the healthy cuttings and discard the failed ones (as I don’t usually bother with rooting hormone, there’s always failed cuttings!!!)

I took a few small cuttings from a friend last spring and this little shrub has just flowered, despite winter.

I have planted this under the Japanese maple. Here, it gets dappled sun until midday year round and, being next to the house, benefits from added radiated warmth.

It has so far survived a -3°C/26°F frost without even a blip.

I have not sure what the cultivar is as my friend had quite a few in hanging baskets….this is the first to flower.



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