Tree Dahlia

Yesterday was a drizzly, dreary and chilly winters day.

Not really a good day for gardening, so I decided to go for a little walk in the neighbourhood to see what sort of plants are growing well.

Down a street with long-ago-pollarded London Planes:


I stumble upon a tree dahlia in an old garden (Dahlia imperialis) still in full bloom:


Pretty amazing!

This beauty comes from Central America/Mexico, but will grow in US zone 7/8 and I have seen them in the UK as well. They are easily propagated once the flowers start to fade by taking a piece of stem with at least two nodes (usually about 12″/30cm long) and laying it horizontally in the ground.

Once the frosts start getting more frequent, this plant will die back to the ground, ready to shoot next spring.

I shall have to go back to this house and butter up the owner for a cutting!


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