Russell Lupins

I finished work early yesterday, and I planted out a half-dozen seedlings of the Russell Lupins that I grew from seed (I had the seeds in the freezer for a few weeks until about March).

Another half-dozen or so succumbed to hungry snails and I am trying to nurse them back to health before planting them on.

Now I know that Lupins are rather ho-hum in the Northern Hemisphere, but here in Australia, they are quite difficult to track down, so I actually paid $5 for 20 seeds and could only get two colours: the white and pink!



2 thoughts on “Russell Lupins

  1. We have them here in Finland and they’re pretty much growing freely along the motorway…
    There also were countless numbers growing in our yard. I’m sorry that you have such a hard time getting them there, we’re having a dickens of a time getting rid of them here! 😉


  2. Thanks sweetk8, it’s always funny to see how one country’s weed is another’s prized garden plant! I shall have to keep my eye on this new purchase to make sure that it doesn’t start escaping. Easier said than done, I suspect, especially when I start sharing it with the neighbours 🙂


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