Salvia and a looming El Nino

While still about 3 degrees above average, at least the weather is a little more normal today for this time of year: 2°C overnight and a high is forecast of 10°C for today (36°-50°F) and similar temperatures predicted all week.

Now for the bad news….it is almost certain that an El Niño event is occurring in the Pacific with the Bureau of Meteorology confirming as much on its ENSO page. I’ve lived through these before and they are almost always associated with heat, drought, water restrictions and forest fires.

Even though I am in a high rainfall part of Australia (average rainfall is 1400mm/55 inches annually), the prospect of an El Niño is not something to be relished as I try to establish a new garden.

It also hurts business as clients tend to put off redoing their gardens until the cooler autumn weather; even bread-and-butter activities like maintenance are greatly reduced as lawns and weeds stop growing during this time.

But at any rate, I thought I’d share a pic of annual Salvia that I put in last November: still blooming after a long summer and showing no sign of letting up. I put this in to cover the bare patches while the Flowering Current and little Thuja occidentalis Smaragd establish themselves.

I just love that punch of red 🙂


Curiously, this little bedding Salvia hails from Brazil, which is about where the El Niño events originate……


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