Day of the Triffids II

With the nice weather we’ve been having these last couple of weeks, I tackled the very large Ivy and Jasmine pile that had been engulfing my shed.

The shed needs new roof sheeting. The weight of all of the climbers that had grown over it has made the old alsenite sag, the roof timbers rot, and consequently the whole structure had been leaking for 10 years which then caused the floor to rot. However, I wasn’t able to replace the roofing until the Ivy situation was brought under control. No small feat given that this is 12′ off the ground and there is a steep slope which makes getting a ladder anywhere near the Ivy very difficult indeed.

But I was able to remove all of the Ivy from the roof and here is where we are now.





Obviously the remnants of the old eucalypt will need to be removed, but given the size, that might be a job for the professionals!


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