New cupboard

Given the weekend was so windy and chilly, I turned my attention to the creating a cupboard in the front (guest) bedroom.

Previously, it was an alcove with shelves and some very old, 1940s-style cupboard doors. They were badly damaged and made from half rotten chip board, so were unsalvageable.

I used mirrored glass doors to enclose the cupboard. A little dated I know (if I were to be ‘on trend’ I would have gone for plain wooden cupboards to match the internal doors, but given that this room faces north and has a pretty view, I wanted to reflect that from all areas of the room). But the store had these in stock, so it also helped sway my decision!


Besides, when viewed from the street, the mirrors reflect the sky which gives the impression that you can see through the house from one side to the other.

Still a lot of mill work and trim to add around the frame and the frame of the new windows, but not too bad for two days’ work 😀



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