Some changes in the back yard

As any one who has ever renovated knows, building work usually takes a heavy toll on the garden, so I have kept planting to an absolute minimum and only where it is away from the house.

Given the delays with council and the fact that my backyard is in a water catchment area, I decided not to replace the old carport.

But it was an eyesore when viewed from the house, so something needed to be done. Additionally, opening and closing a 12′ timber paling fence was almost impossible, and the fence kept snapping its hinges.

Here is the old view up the back yard showing the car port:


It’s not very clear from the picture, but that yard is very steep from the garden steps up to the car port, so that needed addressing as well.


My solution…I removed the wide swing gate and have added a new fence so that you simply drive into the carport. Only the carport roof is visible from the yard so it looks a lot neater.

I have also created a dry-stone retaining wall to help part of the sheer drop-off. All the rocks are on site…anytime you put a spade into the soil, you dig up about 15 or so rocks!

I have covered the area I levelled in gravel to avoid mud being trekked into the house. When I add the new paths through the lawn, the rest of the gravel will be laid.

You can also see the making of the garden.

The newly planted tree is a Japanese Maple “bloodgood”. It is surrounded by azaleas (evergreen and deciduous) and some very small Deutzias, Viburnums, old-fashioned wall flowers, Aquilegia and Acanthus. I am using tube-stock for the garden as it is very good value for money and it establishes really well.

Unfortunately, the small size doesn’t make for much of a photo!



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