Outside – April 2014

Things have progressed a lot more slowly than I would have liked!

Council permission took a few months and then ran into the Christmas period which delayed the approvals until late January. By the time the builder was ready to start, we were in the middle of very inclement weather, with rain and summer storms every single day!



At any rate, here is the house now.

The new windows have been added to the front, as have the architraves. Railings were replaced, and the porch had two support posts added. (The house initially had a 8′  cantilevered roof which had started to sag, so the support posts are helping keep the strain off the roof timbers).

You can now see the square bay for the living room and the cladding has been added to the entire exterior. The effect of going over the old fibro sheeting has been immediately noticeable…the house is now so much warmer.

Some changes were made to the back of the house and I will post those later.

Once the weather settles, I’ll be able to paint the architraves and gables and add the decorative millwork to the eaves and widow trim.


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